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I can't believe I only got this game a few months ago. I bought this from my CoD obsessed friend for $20 because he hated it and wanted to buy another one of those stupid CoD addons. (Well, at the time it wasn't stupid to me because I was obsessed with CoD) I played the campaign, and I thought it was pretty awesome. It was short, but AMAZING while it lasted. I don't see why everyone seems to hate it. Anyways, after I finished campaign I tried out the multiplayer, and like every converted CoD player, I sucked. I played for a few hours getting owned then went back to CoD for about a week or so. I was bored so I was like, "hell, I'll try that other FPS again" this time, I did decent. And I realized that this game was freaking AMAZING! I've only played CoD once since, and it was only a few games to compare.
WHY DID I NOT GET THIS GAME EARLIER?!! My friends all make fun of me because I never play CoD with them, and apparently Battlefield is for nerds who can't "quickscope".
Yo CoD I'm happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Battlefield is the best FPS of all time! OF ALL TIME!
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