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I'm at 315 flags and counting. Cobless set-up. I found it was too difficult to control all of the cob-cannons. One bad aim and the game could be over. Leaderboard is at 3000 rounds, I'm taking that down.
I'm at 701 and still going. My cobless set-up is working perfectly so far. It's getting harder but still manageable. To they guy who said it's not possible to get past 1000 without a hack I can assure you it is possible. I'm not there yet but I expect to be able to keep going for a long time. I am spending about 1hr/day on it which is about 20 flags, so 3 minutes a flag. The biggest issues now are the jack in the box accidents taking out the pool shrooms and believe it or not the balloon guys. With the wrong combination of zombies it can be hard to defend against because there is no space for the blover plant when you have the giga's. I actually lost a lawnmower to one of them. Once I get past 1000 I will post a youtube video.
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