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I actually really like this game other than the horrible load times (even with installing to the HD). I enjoyed Duke 3d on the pc back in the day and this game takes me back to the simpler times when games didn't take themselves too seriously and they didn't need to be epic scenarios and killer graphics. When a shooter could be just a combination of bad guys, big guns and humour. This game isn't spectacular in terms of gameplay or graphics. It's just a fun ride. My beef with the load time flaw however is that since the game isn't on a graphical scale with the COD's or Halo's, then why do the levels take so freakin long to load???? I admit I am enjoying playing through for schmidts and giggles but the thought of playing on insane with the ridonculous load times on every death makes me not want to play this game as a gamerscore booster.
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