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Originally Posted by dellboy81 View Post
dammit i was following the guide fine, and also the passports one, just finished level 5 and it seems a few messed up there.

i wouldnt mind but i was playing it on assasin and then realised to took it down to trainee. the level ended too soon and i just missed out on pressing start and reloading checkpoint so i could change difficulty.

just wondering what do i do now? as i know i cant just replay the level on the replay mission bit on assasin can i?

should i just start all over again (which i cant be arsed with) or just continue the game and then when im done just redo the first 5 levels again?

if someone knows a way i can just do the level 5 again without getting back to it i would appreciate it. the game isnt that bad just frustrating sometimes. im playing damnation on ps3 on alternate days to this, so this is like uncharted in comparison lol.
Hey i just did the same mistake! Do i have to restart the campaign? answer please.

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