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Originally Posted by kyosh1ro View Post
  • Cousin Kinoko - Between the golf course and where all the zebras are. If you're hitting zebras, you'll probably snag her as well since you're huge at this point.
From where you get present 3 (see below), head across the track towards the golf course (there are elephants, zebras, and other animals in a grassy section). Cousin Kinoko looks like a brown mushroom and is amongst other mushrooms so look carefully, or just roll the entire area up.
  • Present #3 - In the city streets section, go down the alley behind the first set of stands you come to. You need to be huge to roll this one up, so you might have to come back to it.
Right after you cross the 3m barrier, there is a set of spectator stands directly in front of you, across the track. The present is directly behind the stands and can be accessed by going around either side.
Thanks much man, thanks much.

One more question, in the last level, the present in the black hole, if I get sucked in or plug it up do I fail the level?
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