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Strings of Steel Video Guide ( Hardcore without dying )

Welcome to my Video Walkthrough of the achievement Strings of Steel! For this achievement, you will need to beat the game from start to finish without dying to hardcore. So this include : Prologue, Play 1, 2, 3, 4 and epilogue. This must be done in one sitting and there is no easy/cheap way around it like quitting to dashboard before dying and loading back! :P

First, i know that my videos that i made looks not so great, especially the first half of them ( because i forgot to put the deinterlace on). But i did what i could with what i had! I just hope that you appreciate them


What awaits you on hardcore?
More enemies, bullets to avoid and traps! Also, you take twice the damage.The bosses at the end of the play arent much different except that they are a bit faster. The dragon tho, is a different story! ( See the third tip )

3 IMPORTANT TIPS before you start your playthrough!

1- Find someone with who to play! The game is way more easier in 2 players, it exactly the same except you got 2 guns permanently to defend yourself instead of 1! If you cant find someone tho, dont worry the game is managable alone too.

2- Be sure to master the infinite shoot trick! You can target up to 6 enemies before shooting. BUT when you start shooting, if you target more enemies before the last bullet is shoot, it'll keep shooting until you cant target anymore enemies! You must master this for the last play if you want to be able to destroy the skull walls and the horde of zombies without getting hit!

3- ABSOLUTELY practice the play 3-3 ( Dragon boss fight ) it is the hardest boss in the game and he will KILL you if you come unprepared. So instead of losing hours of your time, before starting your hardcore playthrough, go stage select and do 3-3 on hardcore a few times until you can beat him 3 times in a row without dying. Trust me, if you dont, you will regret it!

Are you ready!? Launch your game, go in the shop first if you didnt buy the hardcore mode yet. Then start from the prologue and be sure to put hardcore mode ON!

Good Luck!

The first 15 seconds of the video Play 1-1 & 1-2 look weird but it get normal after that.

Questions & Answers

Q1. You did play 2 players on these video right?
A1. Yeah, i did this playthrough with my wife. Except for the Play 4, i did this part alone.

Q2. I dont feel like watching all these videos, any suggestion on which i MUST watch?
A2. Hmm, i HIGHLY suggest you to watch 2-2, 2-4, and every boss fight. The other acts are not that tough except for the last play with the skull block and zombie, you just need to master the infinite shoot trick and it isnt really different than normal playthrough.

Q3. May i use your video for my guide on any other site?
A3. Sure, but please warn me first and give me credits!

Q4. Where are you from?
A4. I am a french canadian. I live in Quebec

Q5. Some of your video are dark...
A5. I'm sorry, i didnt how to ajust the setting of my video until... awwmmm too late? :P
At least, my gold medal guide look better than those!

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