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If there are any UK players out there that are getting this game on the 20th of September send me a message and Friend Request on Xbox LIVE!

I'll be doing a run through of the campaign on my own first (on Casual/Normal) but would then be looking to jump on to Multiplayer and go for a run through with 4 players on Insane difficulty.

I'm also up for Horde and Beast mode, and medal boosting (whatever that is!).

If you're from the United Kingdom and you aren't a little whiny bastard, and you have a mic, my GT is jai92

Add me with an accompanying message and we'll hit Gears 3 all Tuesday evening as I get home from work around 18:00 GMT.

Unfortunately I'm not a student and can't afford to call in sick, so it will have to be from then onwards, and not getting it at midnight like some of you dedicated Gears 3 players (I salute you!).
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