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Earn (1mil/2mil/5mil/7.5mil) total points in Arcade mode.
You'll get this naturally while going for all the other medals, if not, replay chapter 2-7 on insane as many times as it takes. See Afficionado video.

Number 1 in Arcade (20/60/120/240) times.
Load up Act II chapter VII or the prologue and make sure you play splitscreen with a idle 2nd controller, shoot anything or everything to ensure you get more points than the 2nd controller. See Afficionado video.

Complete all Arcade chapters on (Casual/Normal/Hardcore/Insane)

Maintain max multiplier in (10/30/60/100) chapters of Arcade.
Act II chapter VII again, can be done in less than 3 minutes.

Complete (20/60/120/240) chapters without dying.
Act II chapter VII or the prologue again. You need to play co-op for these to count. See Afficionado video.

Play (50/150/300/500) chapters of Arcade.
Act II chapter VII or the prologue again.

Manipulate (200/500/1000/2000) objects in campaign.
You earn credit towards this medal everytime you press a button, pull a lever or open a door etc.
Load up Act I Chapter I, after the cutscene with Jace you will climb up a staircase and open a door, right in front of you will be a piano. Walk up to it and press X to "play" it. There's also a piano right in front of you if you load up act 5, chapter 5. You can stop at any object scattered over the campaign really, like the thrashball tables, co-op doors (if you're playing co-op) or buttons. Mash your X button for about 1.5 hours and you will have the easiest and fastest onyx medal in the game!

Complete campaign on (Casual/Normal/Hardcore/Insane).
Stacks with Warmonger and if you complete it on insane right away you won't have to redo it for the lesser valued medals.

Thanks for providing information goes to: rockinout69, Prowutski, Vindicator51, specularblinky, tigersrule, Foxfire49.
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