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Originally Posted by StylishHokie21 View Post
This is annoying. I am trying to get a Gold Brick and the Snape token out of the second Potions room, but one of the blocks I tried to move got stuck on the right. I can't use the levitating spell either. Complete bullshit. There goes 100% completion.
I've just encountered the same problem. The brown brick was stuck on the right hand side of the purple floor, and no matter what I did, I couldn't levitate it away from there (or reset it).

However, I was still able to get up to the higher platform. You'll need another controller to do this.

Firstly, make sure one of your characters is old (I used Hagrid), so that they can get the gold brick. Then, stack the light green brick (the flat one), followed by the darker green one on top of it (the one that's like a short upsidedown 'T'), and finally the grey one on top of that.

Then, make Hagrid jump up on to the top of the stack of bricks you just made. I then used another controller to control one of the other characters. Using that character, I used WL to raise Hagrid up in the air as far as he can go. Then, quickly grab your first controller, and as Hagrid is falling back down, move him to the left. Hopefully, he should land on the higher platform if you do it quickly enough.

You can then use Hagrid to collect the gold brick and Snape character tile.

Hope this works for you and anyone else that has encountered this glitch. Can't believe I nearly restarted this bloomin' game because of it
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