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So I want to get at least the silver Allfather's medal to unlock Prescott and over the past week I've been playing with bots offline and just now finally got 100 TDM matches played...well, that took a long time and I gotta do it with every game type, right?

So, here's what I did, I set up a game of Execution with me and one Insane level bot, time limit 1 minute, and left it on overnight as I slept. When I woke up, I had the silver level Execution medal! So, you can actually farm the match types really quick without setting the bots to fill, you just won't get any kills and the EXP will suck. You do still get EXP because when I went to bed I was level 20 and when I woke up I was 21...but since I mainly did this to farm match types it's no biggie.

This is also good for farming Battle Maiden. I've been playing as Sam since I started the game to work towards that medal and hit silver level of Battle Maiden last night before bed...this morning I woke up with 411/500 towards gold level. If I keep doing that I'll soon be able to get back to playing as Dizzy as I normally do in Gears and not worry about missing out on an Onyx medal.
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