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Daily Challenges for 09/20/2011 - Total 15343cR

Blastin' and Relaxin' - 2343cR
Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach.

Hyper Lethal Vector - 3000cR
Kill 200 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking.

If It Bleeds... - 5000cR
Find and kill the Gold Range-class Elite in any Campaign mission on Normal or harder.

Make A Wish... - 5000cR
Earn a Running Riot in a multiplayer Matchmaking game.

Weekly Challenge

Dedication/Time - 25000cR
Complete 10 Daily Challenges this week.


Another big day from 343 as this has to be the biggest cR output for a single day since the game launched last year.

Suggested Roadmap

Blastin' and Relaxin', you can do this in conjunction with the Firefight based challenge today and it will result in a huge cR output.

Hyper Lethal Vector, two games of Gruntpocalypse on either Corvette or Courtyard and this one is in the bag. Rather easy challenge for a good amount of cR.

If It Bleeds..., just so EliteLeafHater doesn't think I don't see him posting this all the time I do and it's the best solution to finding the various spots the BOB will appear on Winter Contingency. It may be easier to attempt this on Heroic Difficulty.

Make A Wish..., you need to get fifteen kills in a row to complete this challenge and given it's 5000cR it's not a bad payout. If you need help with this challenge be sure to post/check the challenge/achievement trading thread.

Weekly Challenge

Dedication Time, It is as simple as simple gets, you only need to complete ten seperate Daily Challenges during the course of the week and it's done. If you start this today you can have the Weekly completed by Wednesday morning. The absolute latest you can wait to start it is Friday.

If you have any problems with todays Dailys or the weekly, you might want to stop by the Achievement Trading thread. Remember that Full Party Boosting is now only allowed if all players are active, no idle guests! Bad news for those of us who used guests to get through some of these challenges as quickly as possibly due to lack of time, either need to find groups of 8+ or give up.

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