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Originally Posted by Creeping monte View Post
Nothing fishy about it. Staight up imposible. Seriously1.0= 80+ hrs, 2.0=15+ hrs, 3.0 looks like 1000 hrs.
Well getting serious 1.0, and 2.0 in 2 days is not impossible. You just need to boost the first one, and the second one you pretty much hit the head on the nail with that time estimate. I got 600 kills in about 2 hours, boosting weapon kills with everybody going for a 100 kill weapon/headshot/revive achievement. If you figure he has 8 friends helping him boost only the seriously 1.0 achievement, and no body else going for any achievements. Then it is possible to get the seriously 1.0 achievement in 1 day. People have even had it glitched to where it would unlock as low as 7000 kills to as many as 20,000 kills.

Like the kill 100 people with grenades achievement in Gears 1 unlocked after killing 70 people with grenades. but it took me 225 kills with the sniper to unlock the kill 100 people with the sniper achievement.

Long story short it is very possible to get the seriously achievements for the first 2 games in 1 day. now for the seriously 3.0, no way in ****, you can do that in one day. The onyx metals for weapons alone will take you weeks/months to get.

BTW there is guy named Viva La Cakes playing this game and dead island. I suggest you don't play with him. He is only intrested in getting achievements for himself and nobody else. Plus you must play when he wants to play, or you are SOL with him. He will bombard you with party requests even if you tell him you are playing with somebody else. Then when you do help him and ask him to repay the favor. He will say no, call you a douche, Say you were being disrespectful, Call you an achievement junkie, give you negative feedback, kick you off his friends list, and block all communications from you.

I figured I'd give you this warning before you fall victim to him
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