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That game is a demonstration of how you can use a good gameplay mechanics and change it to something completely new and different !

Those who are only after the hysteria that was crash mode in previous burnout iterations will be disapointed , those who welcome change will find there a very polished game with a lot to do, lots of fun (Paging Doctor Beat !!!) and quite a challenge !

I was sceptical at first but had to buy the full game after a few tries, couldn't let go of it all evening and i intend to play it again as soon as i can launch the xbox !

You have to keep trying though because you can't win without a plan (and sometimes a bit of luck) and knowing the game basis and 'rules' are important if you want to meet the goals of every stages.

With 16 intersections and 3 game modes, you have hours of crashbreaking ahead of you if you want to get all those stars and for 800 pts that's a bargain IMO.
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