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Nice work dude.

Long story short ... i found a skull and placed it in an area that gave me a Blueprint for something called "Developer's 666 Craft".

I had 6 diamonds from Svetlana's side quest.

I went on a workbench ... and crafted this blueprint and it supposed to give me "Left hand of Glova". I checked my inventory and NOTHING there. I thought maybe it was full and it dropped on the floor BUT NOTHING again.

Where is the item? The description said that i only need 5 diamonds nothing else but i still didn't get the weapon and i lost 5 diamonds.

I then tried to reload last checkpoint but still i was missing my diamonds.

- Did i do something wrong to get the "Left hand of Glova"?
- Is it a glitch?
- Do i need another item to use this ability?

I'm confused as i have a backup save on a USB that is at least 5 hours back.
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