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Great guide. game was easy enough but a couple achievements hung me up I found doing it a little differently helped alot.

Perfection - 30
Get perfect on every challenge in a level.

This was my last achievement due to it not unlocking after many flawless attempts.
What I ended up doing was starting a new save play to level 2. I skipped the large balancing challenge and went to the left of it to skip it. I then did the climb challenge that ends you up in the gator pit I did one lap around the pit to the balance act as soon as the cut seen starts assume the position for the balance. should only have to make minor adjustments. It made me do it only once. (May make you do it twice tho.

Shake Your Rear End - 20
Score a total of 1,000,000 points in any song in King Julien's Dance Party.

After trying your running in place 3 times and feeling like I was in military training or going thru 2 a-days for the NFL I got upset and took the packaging from my usb thumb drive and stood maybe 1-2 feet away from sensor and started waving it really fast. To my surprise I was getting 300,000-600,000 per green light and -400,000 per red light. I finshed with 2,890,000,000. Hope this helps others as it did me. Thanks again.

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