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Exclamation The Complete Gears Thread (Read before starting new thread)

In an attempt to help cut down the number of threads being started in the Gears of War 3 forum, I'm going to tie all of the important threads together for members to post in by clicking on the links below instead of starting a new thread. This thread doesn't have everything! Use the forum tool on the right side of your screen to "search this forum" before starting a new thread! If you feel a thread needs to be added to this, please post the link. This will be updated regularly and moderated closely, so please keep that in mind. Please report any broken links. The title key for this thread is:
Useful Threads

Trading weapon skins, character skins, etc.
Codes (Trial/Game/Etc.)
We do not allow the selling/trading/asking/buying/giving away/etc. of codes on this site. This could include 48 hour trial codes, DLC content codes, arcade game codes, etc. Any posts regarding codes will be infracted and deleted.
In a word: DON'T!

I want someone to play campaign with...
Campaign Partners - by:The Pants Party

I want someone to play with that's not campaign...
Partners for Versus/Beast/Horde - by:The Pants Party

I want someone to help boost medals and ribbons...
Partners for Medals and Ribbons - by:The Pants Party

I want someone to play Horde Command Pack with...
Partners for Horde Command Pack - by:The Pants Party

I want someone to play RAAM's Shadow with...
Partners for RAAM's Shadow - by:The Pants Party

I want someone to play Fenix Rising with...
Partners for Fenix Rising - by:The Pants Party

I want someone to play Forces of Nature with...
Partners for Forces of Nature - by:Grifter Reborn

How do I get that one achievement?
X360A Achievement Guide and Road Map - by:The Pants Party

How do I get those Horde Command Pack DLC achievements?
Horde Command Pack Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party

How do I get those RAAM's Shadow DLC achievements?
RAAM's Shadow Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party

How do I get those Fenix Rising DLC achievements?
Fenix Rising Achievement Guide - by:The Pants Party

How do I get those Forces of Nature DLC achievements?
Forces of Nature Achievement Guide - by:lifeexpectancy

Where do I find that collectible item?
X360A Complete Collectibles Guide - by:Nozza x360a

Info on DLC
Forces of Nature Sub-Forum
Fenix Rising Sub-Forum
RAAM's Shadow Sub-Forum
Horde Command Pack Sub-Forum
Complete Info on March DLC - by:Lee Bradley
4th DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Enjie
4th DLC Discussion - by:AdHominem
Complete Info on January DLC - by:Lee Bradley
3rd DLC Achievement Discussion - by:The_Iceman2288
3rd DLC Discussion - by:kire350
Complete Info on December DLC - by:Richard Walker
2nd DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Bigmouth84
2nd DLC Discussion - by:XxStuartxX 1990
Complete Info on November DLC - by:Richard Walker
1st DLC Achievement Discussion - by:Mcnichoj
1st DLC Discussion - by:SirMuskrat

I'm so angry about this...
Official "Bitching" Thread - by:Gamer Relaps3

What does it take to get medals?
Onyx Medals Guide - by:Nikke84

How do I unlock mutations?
Unlock Mutations Guide - by:Iceman9482

How do I earn ribbons?
Ribbon List and Guide - by:Grifter Reborn

Question or comment about weapon skins...
Complete Weapon Skins Thread - by:Collin232

Let's talk achievements!
Achievement Discussion - by:Infernal

TONS of Gears info!!
Gears of War 3 Information - by:Mass Domination

I keep hearing about save data being lost...
How to Backup Your Save Files - by:I JiMb0 I
General Reset & Backup Info - by:Sabretache

The most important one. If none of the threads have helped, post your question to the link below (or in one of the links in post#2). Try reading posts in the link(s), as there are several questions answered in those posts. If you don't have a question, but you have 2 minutes to spare, please read any unanswered questions so that perhaps you may have an answer for them. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Gears of War 3 FAQ - by:13ip0lar

Change is inevitable.

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