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Q: How do people already have the onyx war supporter medal?
A: Before the official release of the game there was a glitch (that was updated upon full release) that counted each match played as an "event" for those who had the game early.

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Originally Posted by KingGotenW View Post
Q: Why hasn't my Beta stuff unlocked?
A: You deleted the file, or it's corrupted, or it's glitched and might unlock at some random time in the future.
DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN THREAD ABOUT THIS: Use the forum tool on the right side of your screen to "search this forum" for others having this issue. keywords; beta, beta medal, flaming, flaming weapons, thrashball cole.

Q: Why does my ribbons tab still have a mark over it?
A: Glitched exclamation mark that shows you have new ribbons, when you actually don't.

Q: Why does the song play on gridlock?
A: It plays after every round where an ashen body wasn't destroyed.
Q: What song is that on gridlock?
A: Mad World by Michael Andrews

Q: Why do I know that song?
A: Any number of reasons. It's in the campaign. There's another version with Gary Jules in the movie Donnie Darko.

Originally Posted by mcnichoj View Post
Was also the song in the first Gears trailer.
Originally Posted by Quid Squid View Post
Original version of the song is from the 80s by Tears for Fears.
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