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Beat it yesterday using local coop with a friend who played RE5 for the second time in 48 Minutes

We restarted till we got Base Majini, it was brutal in the first two sections, but the rocket section was quite easy. We basically ran through all sections, getting only very few kills but saving ammo.
The main advantage of Base Majini is the ending though. If you survive the first 2-3 minutes a rocket launcher guy spawns. If you stand at the right position on top of the "Ammo Room" behind the antenna, you're in a dead angle for the rocket launcher guy. This doesn't stop him from shooting rockets anyway, with the result that he kills all the bad guys for you. All enemies come from one side, stun them once and watch them getting destroyed by rockets

Same strategy worked for me solo on veteran!

So long story short: Don't kill the rocket launcher guy at the end if you get one and let him kill all enemies when you stand by the antenna.
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