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Well I tried using Raphael, and he blows for this. Range is too short and he seemed good at first but then I died at Metalhead. So yeah....

I switched to Leonardo, and what a difference. He can basically cut through most of the regular foot soldiers with ease by spamming 'Y'. Unfortunately I only got as far as "Prehistoric Turtlesauras". Of course, Cement Men. And guess what I TRIED to run away from him, but half the time I'd be running around the edge of the screen and he'd cut me off. At one point he hit me 3 times in a row.

Seriously, I just picked this back up tonight seeing if I could get it finally. I'm already getting pissed off. Fuck whoever decided to make this P.O.S. 8 directional, and also fuck whoever decided the Survival Achievement had to be on Normal or higher. Or hell whoever decided on it at all.
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