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Here's a Video I've made of the "Robot-Like Consistency" Achievement.

If you would like to add it to the Guide please feel free:

Method and Settings Used (Taken from Video Description):

Main Menu > Grand Prix > Red Bull > Sebastian Vettel

Race Settings:
Participation Level: Long Race Weekend
Race Distance: 1 Lap
Difficulty Level: Easy
Weather Setting: Clear
Press Continue

Then go out to the Track and finish your “Out Lap” by crossing the Start/Finish Line which will start the Lap Timer.

Once the Lap Timer starts, drive your first “Flying Lap” as normal until you get to the Grid Positions on the Start/Finish straight.

As you come towards completing your first “Flying Lap”, slow down when you see the Grid Positions and Stop on the last Grid Slot on the Right, away from the natural Racing Line.

Accurately Line Up in the same position as shown in the Video (at 02:00). You can use the Grid Markings and the Letters of the Melbourne Sign to the right to always find the same Position.

Now wait for the Lap Timer to reach exactly 2 Minutes and Accelerate as hard as possible to the Start/Finish Line.

To Unlock the Robot-Like Consistency Achievement Trophy simply repeat this process for another 4 Laps (5 In Total). If performed correctly, you will Unlock the Achievement Trophy.


I used an adaptation of the Stopping on the Grid method which has been discussed by several people and was tested and illustrated by Vytenis yesterday.

Instead of Stopping on the Grid Slot Marked "38" like in Vytenis' Method, I used the Grid Position which was closest to the Start/Finish Line to give a shorter distance between the Car and the Finishing Line.

This is more likely to produce more consistent and accurate Lap Times as there is less distance to travel and therefore less variables, like having to turn if the Car is going Off Line.

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