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Originally Posted by Vytenis View Post
Well Tom its the same strategy as mine but maybe with some fixes and so on but still great for making that video! Cheers!
Thanks Vytenis.

I used the same methodology as the route you previously suggested and I just thought changing the Grid Position to the Slot closest to the Line would make those people who attempted the Achievement more likely to Unlock it on the first attempt.

I was also finding it slightly difficult to see the numbers marked on the Grid from the Camera Angle that I normally use, so I thought others might have the same problem as I was having.

I was quite fortunate that the Tip I explained in the Video of using the Letters of the Melbourne Sign on the Right hand side to help Line up the Car accurately was a pure lucky coincidence but should also prove to be very useful when players attempt to Unlock the Achievement.

Originally Posted by Shelton View Post
Brilliant Tom, excellent video and explanation. I've linked to your post in the guide. I'll leave it like that for the time being, unless people don't like clicking links? I may post the video just under the link, I will decide in the morning.
Thanks Shelton.

I hope I've explained it well enough in the Video for anyone who has no previous knowledge of the "Stop On The Grid" method to understand exactly how to get the Achievement unlocked on the first attempt. To be honest, I would prefer the Video to posted in the Achievement Guide as it took quite a long time to Edit together, but it is of course completely down to you and daenius.
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