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Thanks for the advice Jimmy!

MAKAIMURA - the advice here is already perfect.

For no shoot down fly fast and only shoot the enemies that roll at you, via climax mode. if you do that you will not get any stars so will have the easiest difficulty on each level, if you get stuck on a particular level i.e. level 12 then practice it in training mode until you perfect it/ memorise the enemy plane positions.

For 800 shoot downs you need to stay alive as long as possible. The more stars you get the more enemies will spawn, there are about 1200 targets in total (you can check in training mode if you donít believe it, max star for each level and donít die on training run), so getting 800 takes some practice and perfection but is not impossible.

I would suggest writing your target kills for each level and then revisit each level and practice to kill as many as you can, after stage 5 I had about 347 kills, after stage 10 I had 627 by end 13A 805!

Good luck!
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