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Originally Posted by Tridenter View Post
Confirming this list: You need Quartermaster, Gunner and Syrena. Also note, not sure if it was mentioned, but it needs to be done in one go. I tried just doing the three I missed after I had shut off the game but didn't work. Needs to be all at once.
it doesnt need to be entirely all at once, i did it with the black pearl and dutchman crew without realizing i needed the quartermaster and gunner, i unlocked those and did it with just the two and got the achievement

i did not shut off or exit to the menu between the attempts though

Originally Posted by StarsAndStraps1 View Post
Syrena IS needed for the Gent's Take A Walk Achievement.

i followed the guide and did everyone BUT syrena then once i did her the achievement popped.
i did NOT use syrena and still got the achievement (she doesnt even "walk" on the sea bed :P )
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