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Originally Posted by LFC2K6 View Post
I have an idea for the "Robot like consistency" achievement.
My idea is to pick a track like say, Montreal, where the lap times are around 1:15, but instead of driving flat out, drive really slowly and basically stop right by the finish line.
Then as the clock approaches 2:00 push yourself over the line. Then repeat again and again until it pops.
It's not precise by any means but may be easier than trying to set blistering laps consecutively.
Exactly how i did this one m8, i used Catalunya and got round in about 1:30 then slowed just before the line. Placed my nose of the car on almost exactly the same part of the finishing line and waited for 1:50 then floored it, took a few goes but got it.

Oh and i did this in Practice mode in my career so the laps i spent pounding round to do this would count towards the 500 miles in practice 'chievo

Hope this helps someone

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