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Originally Posted by daishichi View Post
There's a useful thread building on the challenges and which mission you'll want to replay to get them: click here. It seems that your faction will outright prevent you from being offered certain missions the first time through, but you won't have to do a full second playthrough.

I'm curious: anyone find it hard to get an "Insane" combo? I'm only just past the Sublime boss fight, so don't know how much easier it will be to keep up a combo; I've seen "Great" and "Awesome", but haven't been aiming for them specifically. I've probably got the wrong power set for it: Density Control is mostly close quarter brawling, and if getting hit ends a combo, I get hit a lot.
The only insane combos ive gotten were when i got the ability to turn into that huge rock guy thing lol i call him in and just pound the ground and hit a ton of enemies and ive gotten quite a few insane combos doing that
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