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Originally Posted by Shelton View Post
It's the Driver not the Car25
Win the Drivers' World Championship with two different teams in Career or Co-op

You will be required to either win two Drivers' World Championships in career mode or online Co-op mode, each with a different team.Online Co-op is by far the easier choice, as you will have a friend to back you up and help you out by crashing off the competition.Once you are done with your first season and you win the WDC, start another one and select a different team.

If you consider doing this in career mode, be advised that unless you are a skilled/seasoned driver you will need to wait to get promoted to a better team than the one you are starting out with. After winning your first WDC, you will need to switch teams to win it a second time.

Don't worry though, after winning the WDC you will have enough offers on your table.In any case, make sure to set the A.I. difficulty to Amateur to help you get this Achievement faster
Don't know if this will work for other people, but I got this due to a glitch, here's what I had done:

Won the WDC in my single player career (had started a new season, got a couple of races in)

Won the WDC in my co-op career (hadn't started another season yet)

Went to custom GP 1st race I came second and this popped for me ...

Pretty random series of events and would be easier just to do 2 seasons in single player career than try to replicate it, but just wanted to share to see if anyone else gets this or at the very least highlight a glitch.
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