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Originally Posted by neil_lien View Post
Is there ever double XP for this title? Say when Black Ops have a double XP weekend, would that also include COD3?
Your kidding right?
CoD3 hasn't even been updated since WaW came out..... Plus, XP? Is there even XP in CoD 3, isn't it just called score or something?
Kino Der Toten: Round 25 w/ 2 players
Five: Round 23 w/ 4 players:
Ascension: Round 26 w/ 2 players:
Call Of The Dead: Round 29/ 4 players:
Shangri La: Round 25 w/ 4 players
Moon: 11 w/ 4 players
Nacht Der Untoten: 18 w/ 3 players
Verruckt: 11 w/ 4 players
Shi No Numa: 19 w/ 3 players
Der Riese: 22 w/ 3 players

Going to buy Mule Kick and get 30+ on all maps.
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