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Originally Posted by Midnight Malice View Post
I know this isn't the greatest game out there, but combining these powers and stuff is friggin amazing. I'm just curious as to what most people used for thier powers.

I picked Dark Matter with Shadow Grasp, Life Steal, Infinity Rift.

For X-Genes

Offensive: Gambit or Surge (mostly Surge)
Defensive: Emma Frost or Wolverine (Mostly Emma)
Utility: Started out with North Star, then Magneto, then stayed with Quicksilver when I got that to level 3.

With Emma's Diamond Skin reflect and Quicksilvers speed/stun I would run INTO projectiles. Which is funny. Plus having a sprint stun plus AoE chain lightning stun pretty much means enemies don't ever move.

I also used Psylocke's suit on Aimi Psylocke is my favorite, and it was just a matter of principal.
Yeah, this is basically the same as what I used, although Cyclops was my Utility. Also before I got Surge I was using Pyro. Did have Wolverine, but seemed like I was killing people just as well with Surge and the energy bursts had a great range and the stun helped with a lot of enemies.

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