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Originally Posted by deexor View Post
The only cheese here, I think, is Ikaruga chaining. The chain maximum score is lower (100,000 vs. 25,600), but there are many opportunities for scoring, and it's a lot easier for novices (think stage 3-3 without restricting yourself to shooting red only).

I predict your weapons will be several levels higher by stage 6 without any massive study on scoring.
I usually get to stage 5 with V15 H12 S15, scoring mostly on the 3-x levels, 100%ing all bosses, then just trying to survive.
At first I thought I wouldn't benefit from switching to Ikaruga scoring mode 'cause I had already learned how to chain and survive...

How wrong I was!

Got to stage 5 with V18 H15 S19... lost ~4 lives I think just on this stage (yeah I hate it, never trained on it), still a lot left but Xiga always rapes me with his random (who likes random attacks??!) green lasers attack...

Thinking I'm done for, all stress is gone.
Then level 6 starts, and I NO MISS the sucker!!

Thank you for the advice deexor!!
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