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Originally Posted by xCGIx PUNISHER View Post
RE4 wasn't scary? You weren't freaked out by the Regenerators, U3, or when Verdugo starts to chase you in the sewers? You have no fear my friend.

I do agree though that going through the game again with infinite ammo or really good weapons is fun. That's the only reason I'm even trying to beat professional on RE4 right now, so I can get the P.R.L. 412 and use it on my completed Normal playthrough to breeze through, and eventually save enough money to get the Chicago Typewriter and Infinite Rocket Launcher.

RE5 was super fun I thought with infinite ammo. Especially with the M500. Just KABOOM and down they go! It's pretty satisfying, especially when you get to those parts that were extremely difficult and being able to just say "screw you" and oust them in one shot.
Unfortunately I didn't find it scary at all I guess the only couple of parts that I can recall from first playing it that creeped me out was the parts towards the end. Can't remember exactly, but it was the area with some prison cells and a regenerator. You open up the this dumpster and there is basically a body bad inside that starts wiggling. Then since you reminded me the part with Verdugo was pretty creepy.

But I never really had the same feeling of "ah crap, I only have 6 bullets left, I really don't want to go around the corner..." like previous RE games made me feel.

Also environments have a lot to do with it. Games like Dead Space don't scare me at all, just because I am not really into outerspace/spaceship/sci-fi. To me I couldn't really "get into" and immerse myself into that type of fiction. Then same with Dead Space and RE4, you never really feel like you run out of ammo and have to really conserve it (until you're finished with a boss fight) and there really isn't any penalty for dying. But with just playing RE4 on 360 it honestly didn't scare me or creep me out playing through it this last time around. Wow... talk about a long explanation!

But I completely agree, the infinite ammo is awesome on both RE games. And playing Co-op on 5 was hella fun. Still the best was RE4 on the Wii with the Chicago Typewriter, sure it didn't have to reload, was automatic and super powerful, but something about that gun just makes it extremely fun to use.
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