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Originally Posted by vithzeral View Post
To explain for future reference the day for this to work is advancing by one each year because there are not exactly 52 weeks in a year (52x7=364). So in 2011 it will move to Thurs/Fri. 2012 is a leap year so at some point there will be a jump of two days, but I believe this will not be until January 2013.
Originally Posted by dagney mae View Post
This theory appears to be correct, I finally got this achievement around 9pm EST (GMT-05 Eastern) tonight switching between Thursday & Friday.
Originally Posted by Zillswitch View Post
I can confirm also. just got it a few minutes ago. thursday/friday for 2011 it is
Originally Posted by Basanakin View Post
Ok, I got it now, after several tries.

To everybody who tries to unlock this achievement in 2011:
Be sure you switch between a Thursday and a Friday.

Only than, you'll >
Alright, looks like I'll be trying for this Achievement this Thursday.

Also, can a Moderator please update the original post and the new New Achievement Guide with vithzeral's very important and informative post?

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