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Originally Posted by AltruismIsDead View Post
But I completely agree, the infinite ammo is awesome on both RE games. And playing Co-op on 5 was hella fun.
I still find infinite ammo so much fun on RE games and wish more had it. Not for actually completing the games but for future playthroughs.

As much as I found the CT and Handcannon fun, I really just wanted infinite ammo for the normal weapons to enjoy shooting the hell out of bad guys with the TMP or the Riot Gun fully upgraded and not a care in the world.

I loved the infinite ammo option in RE5 (though carrying it over to the next difficulty seemed cheap) and I remember playing the mercenaries game in RE3 for the infinite ammo options just to have loads more fun capping zombies in the head, ditto for RE2's infinite SMG, Minigun and Launcher.

never managed to get the infinite launcher in RE1, missed out by about 4 minutes and never even tried in CVX.
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