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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

I had to create a new thread to reserve posts to have room to update the guide... sorry for any confusion

This is my first guide and also a work in progress... so, while constructive criticism is welcome, please be gentle and give me some time to confirm everything.

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4 /10
-Offline achievements: 9 (155)
-Online achievements: 3 (45)
-Approximate time to 200: 20-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs required: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: "Pimp My Worm" (fixable... see below)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to the Worms Ultimate Mayhem Road Map and Guide to 200. Worms Ultimate Mayhem is essentially a port of Worms 4 on PC, but also includes all of the single player missions and challenges from Worms 3D. (None of the Worms 3D stuff is required for any of the achievements.) The bulk of your time will be spent attempting to win the 40 ranked matches required for the “Total Ranker“ achievement, but overall the game is a fun and straightforward 200.

*Working on a proper Roadmap*

Billy No Mates - 50G
Complete the single player campaign

This refers only to the Worms 4 “Story” campaign and not the Worms 3D stuff. You do NOT need to complete the time bonuses for this achievement... just finish the missions successfully.

Total Ranker - 25G
Win 40 ranked matches in total across 3 or more game modes

(Hawaiian created an awesome guide for this achievement):

All in all there are 5 online game modes available in Worms Ultimate Mayhem:

- Deathmatch
- Survivor
- Homelands
- Statue Defend
- Destruction

In order to unlock this achievement you have to win 40 ranked matches (not 50 as the achievement tile implies) in total across 3 (or more) online modes.

Example: 35 wins in "Statue Defend", 4 wins in "Destruction" and 1 win in "Deathmatch".

You can either try to get 40 wins legit or you can boost. The only problem with boosting is that ranked online matches can't be limited to 2 players / 1vs1. Every lobby has room for 4 players. But as soon as 2 players are in the same lobby a 25 sec. countdown will start. If noone else joins in the meantime the game will start with only 2 players. So I'd suggest boosting in less popular online modes like "Statue Defend" or "Destruction" and leave the lobby if a stranger joins.

For the actual boosting keep in mind that there is no "Surrender" option like in previous Worms-Titles but I can confirm that if Player #1 quits it'll count as win for Player #2. Take turns in winning/quitting until each of you has won 40 times and the achievement will unlock.

(Thx again Hawaiian)

Grave Digger - 10G
Kill a total of 200 worms (all game modes count)

This will come naturally by finishing the single player campaign, challenges, and going for your “Total Ranker” achievement.

Eggceptional - 15G
Collect all the hidden Easter eggs in the game

There are a total of 5 easter eggs throughout the Story Mode worth 1000 coins each:

1) Level 5 “Destruct and Serve”
“88 MPH” Easter Egg
On the road to the left of the building you will see the now-famous DeLorean car. Destroy the car to unlock your first easter egg.

2) Level 10 “Nice to Siege You”
"Hidden Room" Easter Egg
The mountain you start on has a cave at the back with your 2nd easter egg inside.

3) Level 13 “Tin Can Wally”
"Shoot the Crapper" Easter Egg

Once you start, turn around and… well… shoot the crapper.

4) Level 18 “Carpet Capers”
"Hidden Crate" Easter Egg

The same glitch for this one that existed on Worms 4 still exists in this game. On your overhead map you will notice an enemy worm named “Egg”. The tower he is on top of contains some diamonds at the bottom. You will need to blast an entrance either in the top or on the little platform you will see at the bottom of said tower. You can access this easter egg early in the level, but if u get it before collecting all of the weapon crates it will show the opening cutscene and say,"Kill all of the enemies" again and will not count as finding the easter egg. Not sure if this is technically a glitch but i confirmed that after collecting all 9 crates and THEN getting the diamonds, it will say “you have found an easter egg”.

5) Level 22 “Escape From Tree- Rex”
"Feed the T. Rex" Easter Egg

Just fire a bazooka into the T-Rex’s mouth and you will collect your final easter egg.

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