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Loves Company - 10G
Complete 10 online matches

Just complete 10 online matches of any type, win or lose.

I am the Worminator - 10G
Kill more than 3 worms in one turn in a ranked match

Ok so this IS a lot harder than i thought at first. Probably easier to boost rather than wait for the "perfect storm" situation where you can pull it off. You need to kill 4 worms minimum in one turn and your own worms do not count. I put myself in a pile next to 3 worms and drowned us all and didn't get it. I recommend setting up your team weapon as an airstrike with all 10 drops that push worms a lot so you can try to drown a pile when you find one... all 10 drops gives you a wider spread to do damage and/or push. Other tricks for getting multiple kills:
1) Poison, poison, poison! - the more worms with 1 point of health on the map, the easier it is to get multiple kills
2) Ropes can be used to move barrels and/or mines onto enemy worms and get kills without even technically using a weapon yet... so try to kill 1 or 2 this way and then use an airstrike elsewhere on the map if you can maximize your time
3) Grave damage from a dying worm can cause over 25 points damage to a closeby worm so, again in a perfect storm situation, you could shotgun 1 worm onto another, low-health worm and then hopefully do the same elsewhere... this requires at least 4 worms with 25 health or less in close proximity

If you build it they will die - 10G
Inflict 2000 damage in total using weapon factory builds

Make a custom weapon and assign it to your team. Now just remember to use your team weapon whenever possible and you will eventually get this. Does not matter what game type.

(Dannyboy and Myrmidont both had tips for this achievement)

Originally Posted by Dannyboy1186 View Post

Create 2 teams with custom weapons (the more damage they do the better) then start a versus game against two of your human controlled team.

Now group all the worms together in a pile and fire the custom weapon at them.

I think it took me 4 games to get it this way.
Originally Posted by Myrmidont View Post
Getting the 2000 damage is easier if you turn on Double Damage from the Wormpot (you can turn on specific settings, FYI), and your custom weapon has Worm Damage turned all the way up. From then on, just blast to your heart's content until it pops. And just to clarify if anyone is wondering, worms that fall into the water from your weapon still count! When I got my achievement, the worm I killed fell into the water after flying high into the air, so all damage still counts as long as your custom weapon is the item used.

(Thx again Dannyboy and Myrmidont)

Halfway House - 25G
Complete 50 percent of the story mode

Unlocks after completing mission 13 in Story Mode.

Boom Shake the Worm - 10G
Win a game using only Grenades and the Bazooka

Just load up a Versus game with 2 human teams and make sure your main team only uses bazookas or grenades. The team you're killing can use whatever you want on each other to make it faster.

Slide into first - 10G
Complete any mission

Just complete your first Story mission to unlock.

Pimp my worm - 10G
Create a team of worms with custom clothes

At the main menu go to “My Worms”, and then “Customize” and then edit or create a team and be sure to change their clothes. Some people have reported this achievement not unlocking... if this doesn't pop for you try creating a team but leaving the name as the default "Team 1" or also try purchasing a character set such as "professor" and changing your team into that outfit.

Shop-a-holic - 15G (Secret)
Purchase the Kitchen Sink game style

The “Kitchen Sink” style has every possible weapon in the game included in your inventory, and requires you to unlock all 5 character sets... Alien, Cyborg, Dino, Professor, and Wormstein, as well as purchase everything from the store. You will need to finish all 25 "story mode" missions, but don't worry about the bonus times on those. You will also need to finish AND beat the Team17 times in all of the challenges, including all 10 deathmatch challenges. After fulfilling these requirements and purchasing all 5 character sets from the shop,as well as purchasing everything else from the store, the "kitchen sink" style appears in the shop for free.

note: don't forget to play the tutorials and purchase the items unlocked by doing so

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