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In my opinion, after playing ALL of the CODs (with the exception or the first and expansions), this is THE WORST veteran campaign, mainly because you're completely on your own, the enemies are annoyingly uber-powerful, and lack of checkpoints.

If you REALLY want the 1000 for this game, you'll need a REALLY dedicated boosting buddy for online because

1: The maps are huge
2: No one plays the multiplayer anymore (I don't think they did in the first place)
3: Well, for the General achievement?

Welcome to General, one of the most brutal achievements ever. Every match in Ranked multiplayer is 20 minutes long, though it may end earlier if one team gets a certain amount of kills or captures the flag a certain amount of times, depending on the gametype. A player would be lucky to get 40 points in a match. Adding in lobby time, you can get 2 matches in per hour. That's 80 points an hour, meaning General will take you 500 hours
In my opinion, if you haven't already thrown this game in the incinerator, it is NOT worth the struggle and frustration. Most people on the 'net do not "take your word for it", but unless you want to end of strapping an M-80 to your 360 in rage, I completely suggest you do.
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