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Originally Posted by OptimusPrime76 View Post
These stats are utterly worthless if they count horde and private matches.
See this is what I find interesting, comments like these. Not that you're wrong, you're kind of right too. But it all comes down to the philosophy and approach to gaming.

I play games to enjoy lore, occasionally challenge myself, enjoy great teamwork, and of course have fun. Co-op is my bag.

Others play games for fun and maybe similar reasons, but primarily to pwn noobs. Leaderboards and stats are not for anything other than an assessment for how 1337 they are.

I like stats just to see how I play, like a record of my efforts and general trends in my gaming. For it to track/include everything is kinda neat to me since I have little interest in competitive gaming.

Why do they have the stats? I'm not sure, but if you see them as a document to flaunt your 1337ness, then these are upsetting. If you seem them as a record of your gaming as a whole, then they're really cool.

Maybe they should have both everything stats and then also show them within the different realms (single player, co-op/private, and matchmaking versus). But I'd argue you should stop worrying about how badass you are and just be happy you can look at all the neat numbers. Afterall, this cool stuff.
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