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Originally Posted by OptimusPrime76 View Post
These stats are worthless because they don't really show anything. Now if they had an overall kill death across all game modes and then separated them I could see the benefit if this. I'd kinda be interested to see how many campaign kills I've got, beast mode kills etc but to lump everything together and nothing else seems redundant to me.

Now the in game stat tracking on the other hand is brilliant and tells you every possible detail you could want to know.
Very true, the in game stats are excellent. But they don't mix everything together, something this war journal does. It's something different and I appreciate that.

I also could see maybe the frustation from someone who posted about the "shitty rifle" or whatever. Obviously if you hardly use said weapon, it seems like a misrepresentation of who you are and how you play if you play mainly VS or whatever. But as long as people know that it is a mix of ALL gametypes, they know that certain weapons will manage more kills than versus (where the death tolls are much lower).

I dunno, I think most people are just on the cynical and quick to judge fast-track now a days. Too optimistic? I'll probably be too busy actually playing the game to check this war journal much at all, let alone other people's war journals lol. So whatever.
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