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Master Ninja, finally!!!

Well, after 5 months of suffering, screaming, controller smashing and, of course, fun, i have completed this bastard on MN....and man, it feels good!!!.

Aside announcing, this post is to thank and send a big hug to everyone in this forum...every strategy, tip, tactic, slightly overpowered combo, and weapon choice exposed here...Devolon, fizzmatix, madcap, Terentius, and everybody else. THANK YOU for your help.

Well, time to work in weapon runs and mission mode (i have already Acolyte of missions and 4 and 8 missions completed). Now its time to lose my mind again on MN of missions....and maybe a new game + on Master Ninja to show those cheap bastards who`s their daddy .

Thank you, folks!!.

PS: BTW, canīt wait for NG3. And maybe its time to work also on Black...i stopped halfway through Very Hard.

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