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Originally Posted by Restricted-Access View Post
A sad day for me a few days ago. I sold my copy of "Alice: Madness Returns." I know, hard to believe... being a major proponent of the game, but I was curious what GameStop was currently offering for a trade-in value, and they told me $14.00 - sorry... not happening. It was $18.00 at GameStop, back when that other place only offered me $23.00, almost 2 months ago!

Then out of curiosity, I called that other place ("Book Off"), wondering if it was still $23.00, but was expecting maybe $10.00... I was told $30.00! WHAT?!! I was excited about that amount, since it was higher than their previous offer. I called them back about 5 minutes later, because they guy had a strong Japanese accent, and I started thinking he might have said "13" instead of "30" - and I was looking at a 20 minute drive on the freeway to get there.

I asked him if it was $30.00 - 20 dollars plus 10 dollars, not 13 dollars? He confirmed it was $30.00.

So... I sold Alice: Madness Returns.

Yes, I love the game... but ALL games drop in value, and I can pick it up again when I find it a lot cheaper. Right now, I have "5" games to buy in November, and EVERY dollar that goes towards that, means I'll more likely get all the games I'm after by the 15th of November!

I finished "Assassin's Creed II," six weeks after it came out, and got a $45.00 trade-in for it towards BioShock 2... and picked-up a used copy later the next year - in MINT CONDITION - for $15.00.

I only paid $40.00 for Alice (new), so getting $30.00 for it is awesome. If I get it used in the next year or so for 10 or 15 bucks, it was worth it to help get new games next month!!

Knowing MY luck... some awesome game-play add-ons will come out in the next few weeks, but that's alright... I'll get the game again someday!
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