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Achievement glitch also on FIFA 12!

As many of you know, FIFA 10 and 11 had an achievement glitch that could glitch you achievements. In FIFA 10 it was done by playing Career Mode with either manual settings or by making 99 players and freeze it by transfering them.

In FIFA 11 you could play with manual settings as a Keeper against Macclesfield for example and freeze it.

This way you could get achievements without actually doing them. It would also happen randomly with the game freezing.

I personally tried and did this because I was lazy and a lot of the achievements were time consuming.

I already guessed that this glitch would exist in the new FIFA, mostly because I know EA and they are too lazy to fix their problems and bugs in their games.

So I am here to tell you guys that the glitch still exist in FIFA 12. I have not done it myself (yet), but my friend played Career Mode and his game froze and he unlocked UT achievements. He didnt do it on purpose, but since he got it there is a way. Maybe a bit similar to the other games, but we will see. I haven't find a way to glitch yet, but I will experiment and see.

If somebody has done this by accident or with purpose, please share your methods. Anyway, thanks to EA who only cares about money rather than their games. The gold pack glitch took 2 days to fix, but when it comes to other bugs they are still there after 3 years.
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