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Loving the list.

Itīs actually more complex that what I was expecting, something more like Oblivion where completing missions was all there was.

This one seems to put some cheevos related to the new features, as a way to make sure anyone can notice some of the new stuff we can make.

And by the way, the say married, but no word on sex. Donīt want to sound like a pervert (which by the way, in someway I think we all are) but for a game that allows matrimony, chop wood, prepare food, real time dialogues and other stuff to make it feel more "alive", the chance to have sex (even if itīs in a Fable way) should be a must have. I mean, do I married this character but can do the nasty moves?? Whatīs the point of marring when thereīs no sex?? Iīm not a frikking Disney character, a fine conversation about how much we love each other in a pure way will not do for me or my characters. Iīm a hot blood latino man, we die if we donīt fuck regular...or at least masturbate.
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