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Exclamation Ridiculous times on Chem-gen survival

I just got my gold aquila for the chem-gen survival and looked at the Leaderboards to see who was first and what times they did it in to see if it was worth going for... Theres NO CHANCE I'm gonna do it...
1st & 2nd Times are 35791394:07:00 = min/sec/hsec = 596523 Hours = 24855 Days = 3550 weeks = 68 months = 5.7 years.
there is no way in hell that this is a true time, unless i made a calculation error, but i tripple checked.

To NAME & SHAME the gamers: Twis7edDeamon & Exiled 0sedax.
Aslo: Exiled 0sedax had the same times for ALL survivor Challenges

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