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Angry Nevada Desert

most retarded mission in any game ive ever played.

ive never spent so long trying to beat a mission ever. on Realistic it seems almost impossible and i have FULL protection in my armor yet i still die in a few shots. whoever is responsible for designing this level can go die in a fire. in fact if i find out who it was, ill happily torch their house myself. ive never seen so much unfair bullcrap in my life.

and thats not even to mention the fact that the "Realistic" difficulty in this game is not even CLOSE to realistic anyway. if it was, grenades would injure people up to 30-40 feet away rather than only about 5 feet, you would not be able to be shot if youre sitting behind sturdy cover such as a chunk of steel or a thick concrete wall, you wouldnt die from being shot in the arm while blind-firing, and AN ELITE SPEC OPS TEAM FROM THE UNITED NATIONS WOULD SURELY BE BETTER BATTLE-TRAINED THAN A BUNCH OF HALF-WIT, DIME-A-DOZEN MERCENARIES!!!

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