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Originally Posted by Zenquen View Post
I am currently working on getting the Gold Star medals, I am wondering what exactly determines if you get an S rank. I am very confused, sometimes I will destroy every enemy but take extra time to do so and get a C rank, or I will complete an objective in 20 seconds and still get a B rank, or when I think I am doing horrible I end up with an S rank, so what exactly determines your rank?

Also, is Needle's eye still in the same mission, or one campaign, also what determines heat of battle, do people have to be shooting at me?
First, Im not entirely sure on the S ranking. I have an idea and that would be that it is a combination of you shooting down lots of enemies, taking little dammage, finishing the mission as fast as possible. Frontline landings probably give you a small boost. Im sure it has to do with score vs time though in the end.

Second, for needle's eye, cause I got that one, All you have to do is 10 frontline landings during the campaign. They have to be made, so there is no room for error. If you crash trying to make a frontline landing, you start your 10 over, if you are in a mission where you can do a front line landing and you return to base, im not sure, but you may start your 10 over as well. Since it is for frontline landings, the answer to your question is sort-of. Frontline landings are when you land on the battlefield at a liberated airbase, so in the end, you may be getting shot at while you are landing, which sucks cause your dammage may be high, so you need to utilze "cover" mode at when you are doing this.
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