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Originally Posted by Sparky151427 View Post
That's good to know. I am trying to put together a list of flyables or controlables in another thread.

Do you buy special weapons so that there are more than one for each aircraft like 4, Zero and 6 or is it like 5 where unlocking variants have their own 1 special weapon. Like the F-14A had Sparrows, the B had GBU-24s and the D had the Phoenix. Or in 4 where all those 3 specials could be selected for one F-14 type.

Is there an enemy Ace kill board list like in Zero?
Let me beat the Campaign first mate so I can give you 100% accurate information but so far (I know what you mean like in previous you picked a plane and then a load out) so far in this it gives you plane selections and colours but like say a choice F-15c or F-15d/ F-14 or F-14d regarding what kind of mission but you can apply different load outs for each aircraft
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