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ive been through all the guides and i cant find the answers to those questions.

i have all the unlocks. split-screen is like playing it co-op. i dont know why if you play it solo your health comes back without pressing start. they also do more damage. then i have to move the other controller there. i wish it was like online where if you walk past the red lines it ends. why cant the bots play that would make it easier. why o why did they make that a nom. i dont want to do it, but i want the nom. =(

i assume the last level is the best for weapon/grenade damage. i need to find a list or make one for the VS damage.

if you get damage with a VS. weapon while your on a VS does it count for both??

is there anywhere else or the best place for hand gun damage then 2-2?? then the good job for killing all the enemies in 2-2-2 to isnt popping.

on the submarine boss i see the back thrusters thats red, but i dont see anywhere else and do you have to do it on a higher difficulty because i kill it before finding them all??

there is a silver good job on 6-4 i cant find anywhere. im only 88% E6 and shows only one good job i missed.

i wish there was a video guide for basic training 3-5's. they are tough. why did they put these in here. advance isnt that bad. EDIT:i finished them. i found vids of one of the stages from each teir.

Im also looking for ppl to boost the emotes and good jobs and maybe the multiplayer if i need more than 1. GT:spiritedpims

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