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Originally Posted by ponypo2001 View Post
Sadly, I can no longer complete this great steaming pile of turd as my save has corrupted. If your game crashes while loading up a new chapter, you are probably screwed. I've tried loading from the disc, from install, on 3 different xboxes, the works, and I cannot progress now as the game will not load Chapt 4 mission 4.

With the multitude of other bugs I experienced in this game, I really do recommend avoiding it or at the very least, back your save up all the time. I now have to sit with this stinking turkey on my gamercard completely unfinished and that really pisses me off

Hope nobody else runs into this problem.
this happened to me on 4.2 game crashes on loading screen, i dont think its a save file as i can play all the previous missions, i think that it tries to load too much memory at once which is why it glitches. im sending my game back anyway, i managed 600G atleast anyway.
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