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One big complain about CoD2

The biggest thing i hate about this game is not the unfair AI,
the bugs, glitches the instant death sequences allthrough the game.

I'ts something else...

The voice acting of this game is horrible!
Not the english/russian vocies they're ok, the german voices are gruesome.

If you look left now
So i understand the nazis and you americans can be so lucky that u don't understand a thing...
be grateful that u can't understand.
It's a pain to hear the germans and the got only 2 voice actors.
And there is one that is always screaming like leonidas from 300.
He's got one hell of an annoying voice, and if i remember correctly
he speaks all the germans in most of the WW2 games.

I died a million times in this game, that doesn't bother me,
it's this awful voice, not what he says, HOW he says it.

From the perspective of a german...

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