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Man, Sultur is really hard on the hardest difficultly, any advice?

This game hasn't been too bad on this difficultly until now.

I just can't seem to beat Sultur. I can get to his second phase of his fight OK, but once I'm there, he just destroys me. I've been trying to just get hammer throws on him, but he still manages to get close enough to kill me in a few hits. Should I even try using melee attacks on him?

Makes me realize how useless the health and Odinforce upgrades are, they pretty much add nothing. Heck, even with maxed Odinforce, you can still only do one extra storm, cyclone, or earthquake attack. So what's the point of the upgrades when Sultur can take off all of my extra health in one hit?

I can't image how hard the last boss with be if Sultur is this hard.

Anyone got any tips?

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