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Originally Posted by T0b3 View Post

Index of contents

I. Achievements/General
II. Leveling/Duplicating
III. Weapons/Items
IV. Known issues

I. Achievements/General

1. I have 72 of 72 locations, what can I do?

The update simply adds one location to the counter. If you already explored everything and had 71/72 prior to the update, you can't unlock the achievement and you will have to wait for an update

2. How about that method which resets all of your progress?

There is a confirmed method which allows you to reset all of your stats, making it possible for you to gain the achievement again. You can find a how-to HERE. Please note that this method will erase ALL of your achievement progesses, so please use it only after finishing off every other achievement.

It is also woth mentioning that it doesn't delete any of your inventory, story progess, etc. Just the achievement progresses.

3. I have found a bunker on the Tomb map, enclosed by rocks - how do I get there and is that the last location?

No, it is not even an officially reachable area. You can only get to it by glitching yourself through some rocks at the waterfall. The bunker itself is empty and seems to be left by the developers without any purpose.

4. I have found multiple switches on the Tomb map, what is their purpose?

It appears like they somehow activate a statue. You can find more about that HERE.

5. I can't seem to unlock the Catch! achievement, is it glitched?

No. Other than "There and back again" there are no glitched achievements in this game. Keep in mind that you have to kill the Infected only using the grenade blast - you might void yourself of this achievement when you kick or attack him by any other means first.

6. I forgot to pick up a collectible from a now locked up location. How can I reach it?

Join a coop game where that certain location hasn't been reached yet.

7. When I start a new game after completing it, what does the New Game+ include?

You will keep ALL your inventory (Weapons, items, mods) as well as your level, experience and skills. You will also keep all your achievement progresses and the map will still be as revealed as it was at the end of your first playthrough. The only thing that'll happen is that the quests will

be reset, which means that you have to do those over again. You can NOT fast travel outside of the resort before completing the first Act again.

8. Right 4 Life didn't unlock even though I completed the first Act with all 4 characters!

This achievement is glitchy. I did all characters in one session, one of them being with which I had to complete it twice since the game didn't track the first time I played through it. To be sure that you will receive your achievement, do it in one session.

9. How do I manually save?

There is no manual save option. You need to reach a checkpoint first. There are plenty of those while doing quests and the game also saves automatically every few minutes. However, if you just picked up a good weapon for example you can just quit to the main menu. Your inventory is always being saved when doing so.

10. When is the point of no return?

You will know when a prompt appears on-screen.

11. Is there a chapter select and how do I access it?

After beating a chapter, do as if you'd start a new game with the same character. You will notice that under "New Game" a new list appears which allows you to start from Chapter X.

12. I started from that chapter but all of my inventory is gone! What do I do?

Unfortunately, it IS a new game. Nothing carries over from your current saved game.

13. Is there a notable location for farming weapons for Rootin' Tootin' Lootin'?

Yes, there are quite a few useful routes you can take. And methods which differ in the way how you'll play.

1) You can fast travel between the Jungle (River Village+Overpass Camp) and the Bunker #02 for 8 chests.
2) You could also start at the Lifeguard Tower and work your way north, checking all the shacks on the right of the map. You can find up to 18 chests this way. I personally got 3 weapons alone from there, 2 within a few seconds.

II. Leveling/Duplicating

1. What is the best method to level up/gain money/weapons?

Other than power leveling by joining a game with a higher level or doing quests over and over, you can also check out multiple methods which allow you to rise faster in the ranks:

2. How much XP do I need to reach rank 50?

Exactly 3,008,316.

3. Can I, at one point in the game, undo all of my skills to try a new way?

Unfortunately, you can't reskill your character at this time.

III. Weapons/Items

1. I have found a skull. What is its purpose?

You can read about them HERE.

2. There are locked chests, how can I open them?

Every character has a lockpick skill included in the skill tree. You need to use your skill points when leveling up to unlock those skills.

3. Do Level 2/3 chests contain better items?

Yes. You have a higher chance of receiving blue or purple items. The chance of getting a Legendary (orange) items stays the same though.

4. Can I better my chances of getting a Legendary item?

Yes. You need to play with Purna and level her "Jackpot" skill. You can level this skill up to 15%.

5. Where can I find Weapon X or Mod X?

See THIS thread.

6. I have found a Gun Store in Moresby City. How can I get in?

You won't have access to that store until very late in the game. See a video HERE.

7. How can I heal myself other than medkits?

The only source of health other than those are snacks and drinks.

8. Is there a collectible guide?

Yes, you can find it HERE.

9. I need a spade for a quest! Where can I find one?

Spades are scattered throughout the game. You can easily grab one in front of the house with the fast travel map inside in the Jungle (River Village) or outside the mechanic's shack in the top-left Resort area.

IV. Known issues

1. My game froze up while loading my save game! Now it's corrupt! Can I fix this?

Unfortunately, there is no known fix for this. And to make things worse, it is very unlikely that an upcoming patch will fix your savegame. Doing everything over again seems to be inevitable.

2. I died and respawned in a completely different area / an area without an exit, what do I do?

Join an online coop game. Leave the area and drop out. The next time you reload your game, you will be spawning in the correct arra.

3. The game always resets all of my stats and achievement progresses after quitting!

Move your save to an USB drive or Memory Unit, that'll fix it.

4. I gain no XP from quests!

Again, use a portable save device instead of the hard drive.

5. This quest WILL NOT be written down in your profile! appears on screen!

Just load your last checkpoint and you can carry on.

6. Everyone in the Lab is gone!

Quit your game and start it up again. Everyone should be there now.

7. They are still gone!

Then you are in the Lab the second time and there is no way to complete the side quests, even if the ! symbols are still appearing on the map.
10/12 there and back achievement unlocked no longer glitched
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